With the wide range of entertainment options vying for our attention, this is one show that CAN actually make a difference.  It is our firm expectation that one day this Team of Dreams will be adopted as our Team USA for Olympic and world competition.  Join us!


TEAM OF DREAMS(TM) is a brand and project created and produced by Inspiring Hope Productions to help unite our nation behind 15 unknown basketball players in their quest for basketball glory.  Imagine one day replacing the current model of USA Basketball with an open tryouts, multi-city tour to find the best of those who are just yearning for a second chance.

Join us!

The Team of Dreams Reality TV show will chronicle the journey of these virtual unknowns. We will root for them. We will stand with them. They will unite our nation and inspire others to dream again. This team will be America’s Team unlike any other before it.

Team of Dreams(TM) is created and owned by Inspiring Hope Productions

No matter your circumstances, the sun will rise.



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hope.  What does it look like anymore? can people be inspired through the journey of others? We believe that they can.  our new ambitious project is built to renew our hope. We would be honored to have you along for this ride.  I can assure you that it will be one to remember.

Dreams only go as far as you believe.  

It was once said that the richest soil in the whole world can be found in our graveyards, 

because that is where great ideas and dreams have gone to die.

Let's fulfill some dreams together and make a real difference in this world.

- Victor Rogers, CEO & Executive Producer, Inspiring Hope Productions